We're going to Elmore! 



Please note that AJ2022 has been cancelled and information displayed on this page may no longer be applicable. 

AJ2022 will be held at Elmore Events Centre in Campaspe Shire in northern Victoria. Yes, after a lengthy selection process, the best site for AJ2022 is back at Elmore, the home of AJ2007.

Elmore is currently green and lush. In January 2007 Victoria was in the midst of a major drought.
Who knows what we will face in 2.5 years?
Like 2007, we already have sourced adequate water (although Elmore in 2007 was one of the few parts of Victoria that weren’t on stage three water restrictions). The site also has improved infrastructure.
Best of all, we know this site well, and can use our previous experience to make it even more comfortable than at AJ2007.
This is going to be a great Jamboree!

It's flatter than Woodhouse, SA (AJ2004)
It's cooler than Maryborough, Qld (AJ2013)
It's drier than Cataract Park, NSW (AJ2016)
It's less dusty than Tailem Bend, SA (AJ2019)