What is AJ2022?

AJ2022 is the 26th Australian Jamboree. A Jamboree is the ultimate Scout camp. Every three years, Scouts have the opportunity to attend an Australian Jamboree where they join 10,000 other young people from around Australia and across the world for a 10-day camp.

The program boasts everything from circus skills to mountain biking. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer:

  • sailing

  • water theme parks

  • arena-style entertainment

  • live comedy

  • rock bands

  • eSports

  • escape rooms

  • robotics

  • rafting

  • scuba diving

  • axe-throwing

  • paracord craft

  • inflatable water slides

  • abseiling

  • caving

  • ninja circuits

What will a Scout find at AJ2022?

  • Action packed activities program to grow Scouts’ resilience, social skills and leadership capabilities

  • Greater individual responsibility and self-regulation

  • Understanding of people from a wide range of backgrounds

  • Challenges and risks to help them learn and grow

  • Two weeks of freedom!