Roles Available! 



Please note that AJ2022 has been cancelled and information displayed on this page may no longer be applicable. 

The Jamboree Organising Council is looking for skilled Adult & Youth Members to join the team. Take a look below to see the advertised positions.

Youth Member Roles

Our Unit

With a new Jamboree comes great opportunities for our youth members to be a part of the planning process and ongoing work towards the next Jamboree.

The Jamboree Executive Committee have put together 'The Jamboree Unit' and are looking for enthusiastic youth members who would like to make our Jamboree the best it can be.


What is the Jamboree Unit?

The AJ2022 unit refers to any Youth Member working on AJ – with each area/directorate of the Jamboree (e.g. marketing, entertainment etc) having a small team of youth members leading and supporting the adults. 

Advertised youth positions:

Deputy General Manager - Offsite Program (2)

Youth Member - Catering Logistics

Youth Member - Unit Catering

Youth Member - Vendor Catering

Deputy General Manager - Wellbeing & Diversity

Other youth members:


AJ2022 has the largest youth involvement that any Australian Jamboree has seen in the planning process. 

Overtime, more position descriptions will be posted up here. If you have a specific interest please send an email to and we will see what we can do!