Jamboree Committee

Who's leading the charge?

The bulk of the early AJ 2022 team is Victorian, but, like AJ 2019, we're delighted to have talent from other States in several key roles.

The Jamboree Council is:


Chief Director
Joan Dillon - Joan is Victoria's former State Commissioner for Scouts, and Contingent Leader to AJ 2016 and AJ 2019. She's a teacher.


Assistant Chief Director
Russell Bradd - Russell's main Scouting role is managing the Gilwell Park campsite. He was Support Services Director at AJ 2007, responsible for Administration, Risk, Catering, Supply, Legal, Leaders Club, Emergency Services and Merchandise.

Assistant Chief Director

Kieron Younger - Kieron is a Rover, and Assistant Cub Scout Leader, and organises a number of State initiatives including the annual blood donor drive.

Admin Services Director - Nikki Coffey 
Finance Director - Carol Kemp
Operations Director - Peter Duckworth
Program Director - Jon Franklin

Support Services Director

Assistant Directors:

Operations - Darrell Lewis

General Managers:

International Contingents - Marlene Haese

Risk and Safety - Simon Casey

Child Safety - Tim Druce

Emergency and Security Management - Mathew McKernan

Administration - John Kerr

Catering - Jessica Rutherford

Merchandise - Andrew Rothwell

Health and Wellbeing - Janice Lawlor

Transport - Alan Brook

Camping - Alan Harding

Logistics - Trevor Howlett

Site and Services - Tim Purdy

On-site Activities - Alan Richmond

Off-site Activities - Brett Cole

Entertainment - David McKinnon

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