Jamboree Council


Chief Director - Jon Willis

Deputy Chief Director 
Phil Britt

Business Manager

Michael Thomas


Director - Peter Duckworth

Deputy Director - Darrell Lewis

General Managers

Camping - Alan Harding

Site Services - Tim Purdy

Transport - Alan Brook

Logistics & Supply - Trevor Howlett

Communications Infrastructure - John Reisinger

EMS Administration- Barb Allford

Operations Administration - Cheryl Borg


Director - Phil Britt

Deputy Director - Matthew Kusi-Appauh

General Managers

Expeditions - Alan Richmond

Expeditions - Narelle Lowdell

Entertainment - David McKinnon

Finance- Jody Freeman

Admin Services

Director - Hugh Wetherill

General Managers

International - Marlene Hesse

Finance - Chris (Drift) Wood

Administration - Paul Byrnes

Minutes Secretary - Sarah Brackenridge

Admin Team

Accounts Payable Manager - John Garthe

Accounts Payable - Zach Crombie


Director - Andrew Taylor

General Manager

Radio - Darcy Bonser


Director - Jess Rutherford

People and Well Being

Director - Kara Barker

General Managers

Health - Janice Lawlor

Emergency & Security Management - Matty McKernan

Child Safety - Tim Druce

Wellbeing and Diversity - Wombat Lyons

Venturers - Gary Steinhardt


Co-ordinator - Kieron Younger

Unit Chair - Ollie Pateras

Our Program

Advisor - Jenna Denley

Cub Scout Program

Director - Elizabeth Thomson

Deputy Director - Nikki Coffey

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