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Update: We're cancelling AJ2022

Official Statement. January 23 2021.

A message from Phil Harrison, Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia.

We regret to advise that AJ2022 is cancelled.

We are confident we could manage health and safety at the Jamboree, but there is still
too much uncertainty and huge financial risk – for Scouting and your families.

Who could have predicted the border closures over Christmas?
Who thought the Australian Open would be such a drama?
Everything may be okay by January next year – but who knows?

To proceed with the Jamboree next January would be gambling almost $15 million of
Scouting families’ money. This is too big a risk to take.

Chief Commissioners and others have been pondering this issue in recent weeks.
The only other time we’ve had to cancel an Australian Jamboree was during World War
2, so this has been a tough call and we are all very disappointed.

But, as life and Scouting gradually return to normal, there is still plenty to do this year.
Many Units will be planning something special to make up for AJ2022.
And smaller, local activities can be cheaper, and more flexible, so there is less risk.



No doubt you may be wondering what happens for the next Jamboree.
We honestly don't know.

Across Australia, Scout organisations will be considering all options.
We will let you know what’s happening about the Jamboree when there is news to

Have a wonderful year of great Scouting adventures.

Yours in Scouting,


Jon Willis

Chief Director

AJ2022 - The 26th Australian Jamboree

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