Please note that AJ2022 has been cancelled and information displayed on this page may no longer be applicable. 

Frequently asked questions

When will applications open?

Applications will open between August and December 2020. The current uncertainty caused by coronavirus means we are unsure when face-to-face Scouting will resume and, as a result, when applications will formally open.

When will applications close?

Applications are due to close on August 31, 2021. Check though with your home State Contingents as actual closing dates may vary from state to state.

Are international applications accepted?

Yes! International Scouts and Leaders are very welcome to attend AJ2022. Please visit our International Contingent page.

What is the cost to attend AJ2022?

Australian Scouts and Leaders should visit your own contingents website for more information including the cost of the Jamboree. Click the contingent tab on our wesbite to find your State's website.

What are the age & eligibility requirements for youth and adults to attend?

Take a look at the Eligbilty page to see the reuqirments to attend AJ2022.

Can I attend as a Day Worker?

Yes there will be a Day Worker program. Costing is being finalised and will vary depending on the number of days each Day Worker is on site. We plan to extend this program to permit day workers to camp overnight if they have consecutive days of work.

Will AJ2022 be using the new program?

Yes! This will be the first Jamboree in Australia that will fully embrace all aspects of the New Program.

Is there a day set aside for Cubs to visit?

A number of days have been set aside for Cub Scouts from all over Victoria (and Australia) to attend. Cub Scouts and Cub Scout Leaders will get a taste of the Jamboree at their own Cub Scout activity at the Elmore Jamboree site. They also will get a tour of the Jamboree site and see some of the exciting activities that they will be able to do when they attend AJ2025 as Scouts.

What day is Festival Day (previously Market Day) when family & friends can visit?

Festival Day is planned for Sunday 9th of January. More details about this day will be provided closer to the Jamboree date.

I'm interested in joing the AJ2022 team?

Awesome! Please visit the roles section on this website.

I've heard a rumour about 'expeditions', what is that all about?

AJ2022 will be the first Jamboree to fully embrace the new program. As part of this we are looking to give Scouts new experiences and choice via overnight expeditions. Scouts will be able to choose an overnight expedition base that suits their interest and experience level. More information about expeditions will be available in early 2021.